Upper Eyelid Surgery/ Double Eyelid Surgery/ Blepharoplasty

The upper eyelid surgery is for patients who have single eyelid (Asian eye) or excess skin and fat in the upper lid. The operation can be done in 30 minutes - 1 hour.

The techniques used in upper eyelid surgery are open and close technique.

The open technique is done by excision of the excess skin and fat; after the bleeding point is secured, the skin will be closed.

The close technique is done by suture from inside of the eyelids; this technique will not leave any wound and very fast recovery, no scar and looked very natural.

Other than simple upper eye lid surgery our clinic can make bigger eyes in normal eye person or treatment of eye ptosis (week eye muscle) with out wound.

The side effect and complications that may be found from upper eyelid surgery are;

1. Bleeding

2. Infections

3. Not naturally or unsightly eyes

4. Scar (only in open technique)

Before-After photos